retty much all my life, I've written songs and poems.  Unfortunately, I've not always written them down, at least not in a legible format.  So the mission of this website is to gather together all the scraps of paper, napkins, bills, etc, that have words and ideas scrawled on them and put them together with the stuff floating around in my head, and try to come up with some finished lyrics.  All songs are by Harold Boothe (hbsongs) unless otherwise noted.  All music and vocals performed and recorded by Harold Boothe @ lakelizardmusic unless otherwise noted.  This project may take awhile, so if you're looking for lyrics that aren't posted yet, let me know and I'll try to get them together for you.  Otherwise, they're coming sooner or later...enjoy.

       Listen to a song...

     makin' history                    blue springs boys

    feelin' my way                         moon song

everyday is valentines               as the crow flies

                          seam up the back

                  lakelizardlyrics by hbsongs
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