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          music player                                                                               
                                                           MUSIC PLAYER
                                                                      ONE DRINK AWAY

                        (for frequently mbl                                                                                                                        
Welcome...come on in and wander around...kick off your flops, take your time...there's music players, photos, song lyrics, videos, and stuff everywhere...all lyrics, all vocals, and all instruments (for better or worse) are by harold boothe unless otherwise noted...please let me know what you think on the guestbook page...or you can drop me an email at  
(This website can at times be graphic as can life itself...the intent is to provide entertainment, not to offend.  Ok, you've been warned, so come on in!)

                                      music player              musicplayer
                                                             fix for everyday
"I need to go to Montgomery, maybe down to Mobile...take the backroads all the way...get a shot of my roots, deep inside my soul...I need a fix for everyday" hbsongs

                                                                                  still the king
"Well they moved in the trailer, got the cable turned on...he loved Springer, she loved wrestlin' when she's stoned"   hbsongs/simmons

                                                             damn near to birmingham
"always just out of reach, but always full of hope...if I could wish upon a star, love's what I'd want"  hbsongs


                                           seam up the back
"my god what a treat just a struttin' down the street,  quick flash of leg to make  the boys beg, she's the stuff that songs and dreams are made of"  hbsongs/woodham 
                                                          damn sure in the race
"She had some Lortabs that were three years old, he had a hangover and a little bit of cold...they stopped down at the liquor store, just to get a taste...he said we may not've won this game of life...but we're damn sure in the race"   hbsongs

'jamesie-king of scratch music'  by david thrasher

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